Açor Mountain MTB Centre

Cyclin' Portugal Centre of Serra do Açor

Located in Coja, Arganil, from this Cyclin' Portugal Centre you can discover the natural heritage of Serra do Açor, the fifth highest mountain in mainland Portugal, which constitutes the northern quadrant of the territory of the Schist Villages, ensuring the continuity of the Central Cordillera, starting from Serra da Estrela. It is the mountain formation in schist that reaches the highest altitude in the Portuguese mainland: the Cebola, at 1438 m. 

The Serra do Açor is a concentrate of natural beauty, it is a mountain cracked by dozens of limpid water streams and small and beautiful villages that deserve to be discovered, as the Schist Villages of Benfeita and Vila Cova de Alva are examples. In this area it is also possible to find one of the relics of the native Portuguese forest, the Margaraça Forest, which integrates the Protected Landscape of the Serra do Açor and the Natura 2000 Network.


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recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 6.4 km
Duration 0:45 h
Ascent 222 m
Descent 222 m

This is an easy course to do, and can be done in less than an hour, which makes it ideal for beginners or those with a low level of endurance.

from Aldeias do Xisto,   Aldeias do Xisto
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 16.8 km
Duration 1:15 h
Ascent 580 m
Descent 580 m

This is a moderate course, for those with a moderate level of endurance. The path follows the urban perimeter of Coja, taking you through several ...

from Aldeias do Xisto,   Aldeias do Xisto
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 40.6 km
Duration 2:30 h
Ascent 1,537 m
Descent 1,537 m

Spanning about 40 km, this is a very difficult route that challenges the visitors’ endurance, taking them along several sites of natural and ...

from Aldeias do Xisto,   Aldeias do Xisto
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 86.2 km
Duration 5:30 h
Ascent 2,756 m
Descent 2,756 m

Spanning 86 km this trail is difficult. The difficulty is, however, compensated by the rich natural and built heritage you meet along the way.

from Aldeias do Xisto,   Aldeias do Xisto